Pertandingan Inovasi Robotics

Pertandingan Inovasi Robotics

About Competition

Innovative Covid-19 projects competition provides a platform for the participants to share their ideas and creativity to others. Participant must propose, design and create a robotic system according to the theme of the competition that is to help solve the issue related to Pandemic COVID – 19 diseases.


Despite the challenges Covid-19 has created, the outbreak has quickly broadened the space for innovation project that can support the new normal during pandemic COVID-19 such as practicing social distancing, wearing mask, avoid going to crowded place and improve our cleanliness. Everyone is needed to reach the ambitious targets on how to practicing new normal with your new innovative project. The creativity, knowhow and technology from all of society is necessary to achieve the objective in every context.


1. Each team comprises of two (2) members and one (1) team advisor.

2. The team members for Primary School category must be Primary School students or aged 6 to 12 years old.

 3. The team members for Secondary School category must be Secondary School students or aged 12 to 17 years old.

 4. The team advisor must be the teacher or guardian of the team members.

 5. The team members must be in Project presentation video.

6.    Project video must be submitted to Roboshop Technologies through our telegram. Link of our telegram :

Virtual Competition

1.The presented project must follow the given problem statement according to the theme  which is the COVID-19 INNOVATIVE solution.

2. The aim of the project is to create reliable and alternative solutions to the real-world problem that we are facing now.

3. All presentation can be in Bahasa Melayu or English.

4. Team may prepare slides, props, decorations or any other materials that will help their presentation and demonstration in video.

5. Your Video format must be in MP4 or MOV.

6. Every team is required to present and demonstrate their project video.

7. Your project presentation is based on your creativity

  • Story telling
  • Short movie
  • Presentation
  • Pitch presentation
  • Etc

8. Only ONE (1) video can be submit to Roboshop Telegram: 


9.           The following are COMPULSARY to complete your participation in the competition:

  • Project prototype with demonstration video
  • Limit your video  from 5 to 10 minutes
  • STEPS TO COMPLETE after submitting your innovation project  video:
  • Roboshop team members will upload your video to Roboshop Youtube channel. You need to SHARE YOUR VIDEO to get most video views and likes.

*Roboshop team member will provide the link of your video to your team.

  • Please submit a best photo with your team member and your project prototype to our telegram. Roboshop team members will upload your video to Roboshop Technologies Facebook page and SHARE YOUR VIDEO to get most likes.

*Roboshop team member will provide the link of your video to your team.

Evaluation of Project

1. Every project will be evaluated by the appointed expert judges.

2. The evaluation will be done according to the following criteria and weightage:

  1. Creativity / Idea (20%)
  2. Problem Solving (15%)
  3. Prototype (30%)
  4. Functionality (20%)
  5. Presentation (25%)

3. Project achievement will be awarded with Gold, Silver or Bronze medal and certificate.


1.  Click this telegram link provided. Make sure you have telegram apps.


2. Please introduce yourself for example:

 “Hi, We are from (YOUR COMPETITION ID), this is our video with title (YOUR PROJECT TITLE). Thank You”

*Competition ID will be provide after your registration

3. Send your final video and photo.

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